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French food with options

If you can’t decide whether to go to an upscale gastronomical restaurant or opt for more casual bistro fare, Bordeaux offers these choices in the same restaurant. They call it Gastro-Bistro. Sometimes Gastro-Bistro is in two separate areas of the same restaurant, such as upstairs-downstairs; sometimes it is in the same space. Either way, two menu options are available. Two different prices,too. It’s convenient and offers you the opportunity to change your mind.

For our first meal in Bordeaux we decided to go to “La Belle Epoque”, a gastro-bistro with a large terrace on the boulevard along the Garonne river. The turquoise ceramique-tiled walls and ceiling are classified World Heritage by UNESCO.

 Whether you choose the “Gastro”  or the “Bistro” , menu, the , choice is for 2 services: either entree and main course or main course and dessert. We both had magret de canard with cherry sauce for the main course, accompanied by a Bordeaux,of course, Pessac-Leognan,Chateau Coquillas, 2007. For dessert, my husband had a baba au rhum with caramelized peaches. I get no merit for staying away from dessert. My only motivation was the starter: a cold seashell soup with a herb mousseline, bread twist and mini tomato. It was absolutely wonderful.  Here is a picture of the soup:


It is rare for me to prefer soup to dessert but this is one of those times. Consider this a great recommendation.

©barbarabunce-photos ceiling,soup

P.S. We have discovered that room service meals at our hotel come from La Belle Epoque. Nice! I’m in my pj’s and waiting.

6 thoughts on “Bordeaux France

  1. What a wonderful option for a restaurant to offer. From your description of your meal, it sounds like you went gastro. Is that right? Sounded delicious.

  2. Very interesting post. Glad you cleared up which side of the restaurant you went for — I was also thinking that you picked the most expensive side!

    Just imagine what was on the “gastro” side…

  3. Great concept, Barbara. We have “Mask” – a Mediterranean resto near me here in Gimli, Manitoba, that offers the dual concept to dining. In the front of the resto is the casual (and cheaper) menu. In the back, is the more elegant, gastro menu. Both great, and nice to have an option, depending on your timeframe, budget and mood.

    Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip.

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